Need Additional Assistance?

Call 211

the non-emergency information hotline

Financial Assistance is available to Creek Co. Residents in Sapulpa, Kellyville, Kiefer, Oakhurst, Mounds.

Applicants must have proof of residence (Creek Co. Sapulpa, Kellyville, Kiefer, Mounds, Oakhurst) and a valid photo ID.

How often can I receive assistance?

  • Shopper's Choice Food Pantry every 30 days, by appointment Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

     Call 918-224-6464 to schedule. Must call the "day of" - we       do not pre-set appointments. Set-up like a small grocery           store, clients select their own food.

  • Fresh Market - every week on Thursday afternoon. No appointment necessary. Thursdays 2:30-3:30 p.m.  Drive-thru distribution of "perishable" foods. Includes an assortment of meat, fruits, vegetables, bread, dessert, dairy, eggs, pizza, sandwiches, etc. that has been donate by local grocery stores.

  • Emergency Financial Assistance (Rent and Utilities) - may assist with one bill - up to $100 per 12 months (additional assistance may be available for COVID-19 Hardship) Must be in applicants name & current address. We cannot help with deposits or balances from a previous address) Need a bill (showing usage) and a cut-off notice.