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Community Garden 

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14 W. Burnham, Sapulpa OK 74066
(west side of Caring Community Friends)

Open daily to volunteers and visitors. 

You are welcome in the garden anytime between 7 AM - 7 PM. If you would like to garden with others - meet  in the garden at 8:30 a.m.                             

Garden Rules:
Label what you plant.
Pick only what you can use.
Weeding & Watering are always welcome!
Keep the garden beautiful.
Return tools and hoses to their proper place. 

Learn more about the many benefits of community gardens. 


Volunteer opportunities:

This is an incredible community project and we would love for you to get involved! Here are some of the many volunteer opportunities you can participate in:

  1. Planting

  2. Weeding

  3. Watering

  4. Teaching

  5. Mentoring

  6. Harvesting 

  7. Tree/bush trimming and watering

  8. Tool maintenance / Organization

  9. Compost

  10. and MORE!

Local     Fresh     Goodness     Daily

  • Raised Beds

  • Mulching and Irrigation

Join us as we 

  • Prepare the Garden

  • Cultivate Seeds

  • Grow Fresh Flowers and Produce

  • Harvest locally grown produce

  • Find new ways to enjoy food

  • Try new food

  • Share the bounty with neighbors and friends!




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