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Story of Spark

A spark of beauty shines brightly at the food pantry in Sapulpa.

It welcomes those in need with help with a smile. It helps them select the goods they need from the free grocery at the pantry. Then, after weighing and sacking the goods, it helps them out and brings the shopping cart back. When they have left, it restocks the shelves.

It brightens the days of her coworkers with lots of hugs and cheerfulness.

That spark is Molly Brown, much like the unsinkable main character of the movie of that same name.

And Molly Brown is autistic.

Molly joined Caring Community Friends just a year ago as a volunteer. She has since charmed the entire staff with her positive attitude and friendliness. “Molly sees social interaction slightly differently,” says the organization’s Executive Director, Dr. Camille Teale, “but certainly in a non-threatening manner. Molly’s just perfect,” she continued, “just the way she is.”

Molly enjoys her role and time at the pantry, too. She says she likes to help people and put smiles on people’s faces. She does both very well.

Molly’s hometown is Bristow. She graduated high school at Weleetka, via sessions in Bristow, Kellyville and McAlester. She’s 22 years old, single (and happy with it), supports herself and lives in her own apartment. She possesses a driver’s license, although she doesn’t own a car. She works at a local hamburger restaurant for income. She says she has a good life. Eventually, she’d like to become a nurse.

Molly feels comfortable, even good about her autism, although she says it holds her back sometimes. She understands it’s a problem that’s hard to understand.

Molly serves the pantry two or three days each week and the staff misses her smiles and hugs when she’s absent. Her rare kind of uplifting spark is scarce and valuable. And the pantry openly welcomes and enjoys it through her.

Caring Community Friends is a not-for-profit charity, located at 12 W. Burnham Ave. in Sapulpa. Its mission is to reduce the impact of poverty and provide the basic necessities for Creek Countians. Volunteers and donations are always invited and appreciated.

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